Your heroic journey begins. Olympus Rising has officially launched worldwide. Take control of your destiny, overcome your enemies and prove yourself worthy. The battle for Mount Olympus starts today!

DOWNLOAD IT NOW on Android and iOS!


  • Command epic armies and conquer countless island empires
  • Collect legendary heroes and upgrade them into god-like warriors
  • Summon mythical creatures and defend Mount Olympus
  • Turn the mountain of the gods into your own impervious fortress
  • Expand your territory in a world where greater risks bring greater rewards
  • Harness your hero’s unique abilities and tailor your strategyBuild a spectacular acropolis to showcase your glory
  • See the grandeur of the gods come to life thanks to stunning 3D graphics
  • Forge alliances with fellow players and rule over Olympus together

You are more than welcome to share your experience with us and any newcomer, we will be glad to listen to your story!

For those who just joined us, welcome amongst the braves! This is only the beginning of your journey, but we wish you good luck. The dangers you will have to face are real, but don’t be shy and don’t hesitate to seek for help among your fellow Olympians. Be aware, some of them might turn out to be your most challenging enemies… Keep your army and weapons ready!

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