Fight along with ancient Greek heroes to attack islands controlled by other players. When you attack you will control your hero, use his powers and summon his units in an attempt to take down your opponents wall!

The following heroes are unlocked by meeting certain requirements:

Heroes Requirements
Hercules Unlocked during Tutorial
Prometheus Requires Heroes' Temple level 1
Perseus IconDominance 100*
Ariadne IconDominance 600*
Odysseus IconDominance 2,000*
Helen of Troy IconDominance 10,000*
Cadmus IconDominance 10,000
Achilles IconDominance 25,000
Jason IconDominance 50,000
Athena IconDominance 100,000
Ajax the Great Requires 100 Titan Points
Artemis Requires Artemis Tower level 20

The following gods are unlocked by meeting certain other requirements:

Gods Requirements
Zeus IconPrestige Level 10 Prestige
Hades IconPrestige Level 15 Prestige
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