Orion's destiny

Gear are items you can add to your hero to increase their stats. There is multiple items you can get, some being common while others very rare. Each hero can only equip the gear that is for them with the exception of rings. Rings can be added to any hero. Each hero also has a personal gear which is very rare. All Gear will get better based on your level. So it is possible at an orange color gear has worst stats then a green color gear. When looking at gear if the value on the gear is green then its better then what you currently have equipped.

How to obtain Gear Edit

You can obtain gear from chest after defeating an island, from the item treasures, from rewards during war, and there are offers that will be shown to you every once in awhile that will let you buy gear.

Types of Gear Edit

  • Shawl [image of location]
  • Chest [image of location]
  • Ring/Amulet [image of location]
  • Ring/Amulet [image of location]
  • Sword [image of location]
  • Arms [image of location]
  • Feet [image of location]

Color of Gear Edit

  • Black-Godblessed Gear
  • Green-Epic Gear
  • Blue - Legendary Gear
  • Purple - Eternal Gear
  • Orange - Godlike Gear
  • Red - Titan Gear

Unique Items Edit

Unique items are very powerful items with exclusive perks that normally cannot be found on other items of the same type. They can only be found in titan chests and their drop rate is rather low. Each hero has his own unique items and only one can be used by all of them. The following table lists all the known unique items.

Item Name Item Type 1st Perk 2nd Perk
Hercules nemean claws Nemean Claws Weapon PerkIconNormalDamage Damage PerkIconDemolitionChance Demolition Chance
Hercules erymanthian jaws Erymanthiam Jaws Cloak PerkIconLeadership Leadership PerkIconFrostbite Frostbite
Prometheus fire bringer Fire Bringer Weapon PerkIconNormalDamage Damage PerkIconAreaDamage Area Damage
Prometheus torment Prometheus' Torment Armor PerkIconHealth Health PerkIconSpeed Speed
Perseus mirror shield Mirror Shield Shield PerkIconPhysicalResistance Physical Resistance PerkIconDamageReflection Damage Reflection
Perseus talaria Talaria Boots PerkIconHealth Health PerkIconSpeed Speed
Ariadne aegaean thread Aegean Thread Gauntlets PerkIconNormalDamage Damage PerkIconLeadership Leadership
Ariadne asterion Asterion Boots PerkIconHealth Health PerkIconStun Stun Chance
Odysseus bow of odysseus Bow of Odysseus Cloak PerkIconLeadership Leadership PerkIconPotency Potency
Odysseus scylla and charybdis Scylla & Charybdis Boots PerkIconHealth Health PerkIconFrostbite Frostbite
Helen of Troy
Helen of troy gemini Gemini Boots PerkIconHealth Health PerkIconCooldown Cooldown Bonus
Helen of troy nemesis Nemesis Cloak PerkIconLeadership Leadership PerkIconPotency Potency
Cadmus curse of ares Curse of Ares Armor PerkIconHealth Health PerkIconCooldown Cooldown Bonus
Cadmus dragon scale Dragon Scale Shield PerkIconPhysicalResistance Physical Resistance PerkIconSpeed Speed
Achilles shield of achilles Shield of Achilles Shield PerkIconPhysicalResistance Physical Resistance PerkIconLifeOnHit Life on Hit
Achilles gift from thetis Gift from Thetis Armor PerkIconHealth Health PerkIconLeadership Leadership
Jason golden fleece 2 Golden Fleece Cloak PerkIconLeadership Leadership PerkIconPotency Potency
Jason body of talos Cadaver of Talos Armor PerkIconHealth Health PerkIconDemolitionChance Demolition Chance
Athena medusa head Medusa's Head Shield PerkIconPhysicalResistance Physical Resistance PerkIconPetrify Petrify Chance
Athena victory 2 Victory Cloak PerkIconLeadership Leadership PerkIconPotency Potency
Ajax the Great
Ajax great shield of ajax Great Shield of Ajax Shield PerkIconPhysicalResistance Physical Resistance PerkIconPotency Potency
Ajax madness of ajax Madness of Ajax Armor PerkIconHealth Health PerkIconAttackSpeed Attack Speed
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Cyclopian Bow
Cloak PerkIconLeadershipLeadership PerkIconPotencyPotency
Orion's destiny
Orion´s Destiny
Weapon PerkIconNormalDamage Damage PerkIconStun Stun Chance
Apple of discord Apple of Discord Amulet PerkIconPotency Potency PerkIconCooldown Cooldown Bonus
Caduceos Of Gold
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