What is Defense?Edit

This is how you defend your Olympus from other ememies, Each tower has its own effects like Fire, Water, Posion, Electric. These towers will attack your ememies as they travel the path you built. Your towers will attack in the direction you have set them up to attack while your units attack via there wave setup.

How to build a strong DefenseEdit

Here are a few tips which should help you build a stronger defense:

  • Test your own defense. There is a sword-shaped button on the bottom of the screen while viewing your own defense. Use this button to play against your own defense. Testing your defense is completely free, you can even resurrect and use Invocations without spending Ambrosia or Gems. Keep in mind that the people who attack you often have a lower Ascension Level than you. This means that your defense might be harder to beat for them as it is for you.
  • Regularly upgrade your towers and barricades. The maximum level of each defensive structure increases each time you upgrade your Heroes' Temple. Even the most clever defense will fail should you not upgrade it every now and then.
  • Rotate your towers. Press the rotate button at the bottom of the screen to rotate the tower you currently have selected. Some towers are much more effective when rotated towards a certain direction.
  • Configure defense waves. The Guard of Thanatos allows you to configure which units appear in the waves that attacking players have to fight while trying to beat your defense. Upgrading the building increases the number of waves, the time between them and how often you can upgrade each wave. Upgrading waves increases the morale points you can use to spawn more powerful units

List of Defensive StructuresEdit

Name Description
Screenshot 2016-05-23-17-09-16-1-1- Barricade A Barricade made out of wood stops the invader for a short time. It is a good strategy to place it close to a tower. It is the most affordable way to slow down the attacker.
Screenshot 2016-05-23-17-09-35-1-1- Artemis Tower The Artemis Tower has a rotating turret that aims at the enemy and shoots single arrows, dealing instant damage.
Screenshot 2016-05-23-17-09-24-1-1- Prometheus Tower The Prometheus Tower lobs bombs which explode shortly after hitting the ground. These bombs can be thrown back by the Hero.
Screenshot 2016-05-23-17-09-41-1-1- Poseidon Tower The Poseidon Tower shoots chains of frost, dealing instant damage and reducing the movement speed of the enemy.
Screenshot 2016-05-23-17-09-30-1-1- Iapetos Tower The Iapetos Tower emits an expanding ring of fire, settings the enemy ablaze.
Screenshot 2016-05-23-17-09-46-1-1- Charon Tower The Charon Tower fires skulls of dead warriors. If the Hero does not destroy these skulls in time, ghostly units will rise from the grave to attack.
Screenshot 2016-05-23-17-09-52-1-1- Hydra Tower The Hydra Tower shoots jets of poison. When hit with a Power the snakes go into hiding and the tower can no longer be attacked.
Screenshot 2016-05-23-17-09-59-1-1- Apollo Tower The Apollo Tower fires a burst of 8 spears. If hit by a spear units will be impaled and, if not saved by the Hero, the spear will explode.
Nyx tower 2 Nyx Tower The Nyx Tower saps your enemies' morale until they defect to your army. It also hovers making it difficult to reach for the attacking army.
Helios monolith Helios Monolith The Helios Monolith boosts the Range of any Towers touched by its heavenly rays.

Useful Videos Edit

Olympus Rising - Towers & Barricade (author Máni)

Olympus Rising - Towers & Barricade (author Máni)

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