Olympians must rebuild their Acropolis and upgrade it to return Mount Olympus to its former glory.

Building Description
Heroes' Temple The Heroes' Temple is center of Mount Olympus. It is the place your heroes call home. Upgrade the Heroes' Temple to become more powerful, to expand your Acropolis, and to show the gods your power.
War Academy The War Academy is the place where Ares will train and upgrade your units. Upgrade the academy to unlock new units and upgrades.
Shrine of Power The Shrine of Power is the place where you research and develop your god Powers. God Powers are essential for every Hero and essential for every battle. Every Hero is able to call upon different Powers and can use additional Powers to become even stronger.
Guardhouse of Thanatos The Guardhouse of Thanatos protects Mount Olympus. Recruit units for your defensive waves and let them fight against intruders. Protect what is yours.
Alliance Hall of Uranus The Alliance of Hall of Uranus is the centerpiece of your Alliance. It enables you to join Alliance or form one yourself. Upgrading the Alliance Hall of Uranus allows you to invest increasingly large amounts of Gold into an Alliance, making it much, much stronger.
Ambrosia Temple The Ambrosia Temple is the place where your people bring oblations to the Nike in hope that the gods will treat them well. In return, Nike bestows your people with Ambrosia. Ambrosia is the food of the gods and is needed to send your Heroes into battle.
Gold Temple As a god's influence grows greater, his Worshippers will look to pay tribute. By upgrading the Gold Temple you enable your Worshippers to donate even more Gold.
Theater of Dionysos In the Theater of Dionysos actresses and actors sing the choruses of the famous tragedians such as Aeschylus, Sophocles and Euripides. Your people listen carefully, becoming wiser with each act. You need this wisdom to develop Mount Olympus.
Ambrosia Silo The Ambrosia Silo is the building in which you store your Ambrosia. Ambrosia is needed for your Heroes and armies to travel long distances. Having a full Silo also gives you the chance to send your Heroes on an Odyssey.
Chamber of Gold The Chamber of Gold is the place where you store your Gold. The chamber represents the wealth of your people and is an indication of how mighty you are. Upgrade the Chamber of Gold regularly to store even more Gold.
Library of Wisdom The Library of Wisdom is the place where your people collect all their wisdom. You are able to increase your Wisdom by creating dramas in your Theaters. Use your Wisdom to upgrade some of your buildings and ensure that Mount Olympus prospers.
Gate of Apollo The Gate of Apollo represents the power of your defense. By upgrading the gate you can build additional defensive fortifications and elongate the path. Every upgrade will also increase the strength of the Gate of Apollo.
Hero Statue The Hero Statue will take the form of whichever Hero you choose to defend Mount Olympus against attackers. By upgrading the Hero Statue you will increase the size and power of the statue in battle. A stronger Hero Statue will be more terrifying for attackers and will help to defend Mount Olympus.
Ithacan Harbor The Ithacan Harbor is your departure point when setting sail on an Odyssey. Here you can find brave ship captains, willing to risk grave dangers to embark on an Adventure and return with rich rewards.
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